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About me

Alexey Gorchakov

business development expert

Our B2B services

Retail start-ups

Store space and trade furniture concepts development

Existing retail business

Complete interior and shopfitting services

Trade equipment producers

business growth potential identification, internal business processes improvement

About myself

20 years of marketing and retail solutions development and implementation experience. Great achievements in creating category strategies from scratch, implementing product development programs, cost optimization and digitalization. Remote poject and team management around the world.

KPIs achieved in recent projects:
- A new product line concept has been developed and launched for the retail network of 300 stores.
- Retail equipment suppliers consolidation, 7.5% saving delivered.

Strong in outside the box thinking, leadership and transformation skills. Passion for efficiency and innovation.

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International experience

CIS, Eastern and Western Europe

20+ years of expertise

in development, sourcing and operation of trade equipment

Effective team

of designers, marketeers and engineers

Diverse project portfolio

individual shops, retail chains, gas stations, cafes, restaurants

Recent cases

Project objective

Deliver company's business growth in a 3-5 years perspective through mitigating of the internal barriers and identify the potential for further development. The main obstacles were: lack of integration among internal stakeholders, inconsistency of goals and objectives. Lack of R&I resources. Lack market awareness and connection with the clients.



Product portfolio audit and update plan introduction. Development and implementation of the process of internal generation of innovations. Client’s strategic relationship introduction.


The project management approached has been improved through the introduction of cross-functional project groups and streamlined communication. The capacity of the R&I department has been increased through allocation of the category experts for flexible workload distribution and interaction with external freelancers. The format of workshops, brainstorming sessions with clients has been introduced aiming a better understanding of client’s needs, strategies as well as broadening the visibility on new products and services. Sales increase by 19%, introduced a strategic partnership format to one of the key customers (regional supermarket chain), new customer contracted (TOP 10 FMCG). An online platform with client portals has been developed and implemented for easy and prompt access to the key facts about projects, performance indicators and historical information.



Development of a product line to expand the portfolio and attract new customers to ensure sales growth of 20% within 3 years.


Conducted a series of brainstorming sessions and market analysis with the design team. New ideas have been developed both for individual items of commercial furniture and for complex solutions. A program of targeted communication with clients has been prepared to build a long-term dialogue. The project is underway.


Business growth opportunities to be identified during the first contact. Free of charge.

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